Each year, the world becomes increasingly mobile, with people shopping and working from the palms of their hands. This shift has presented unique opportunities for workplaces, enabling employees to jump on the BYOD trend and work from their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. But these unique opportunities bring troublesome challenges. Managed service providers now need to juggle external devices connecting to their Wi-Fi networks and the security risks that come along with that.

How can small to medium businesses address security concerns while still letting employees work from their favorite devices? The most effective, straightforward solution is to use mobile device management, which allows MSPs to keep track of all activity conducted on devices within a business setting.

What Is Mobile Device Management?

Now that we’ve claimed MDM is the solution to an IT department’s BYOD woes, let’s shed some more light on what it entails. MDM is an IT software solution that enables employees to use their business network and data from their devices. Whether workers are at home, in the office or somewhere else entirely, you still have full control of overseeing, regulating and securing all their activities. In short, this IT solution answers the big “What if” questions when allowing employees the freedom to use their devices.

There are two components to mobile device management — an MDM agent that serves as an endpoint software and a separate MDM server that exists on the premises or in the cloud. How does this work? The MDM server stores the workplace technology policies and translates them through the MDM agent to an employee’s mobile device. The agent then executes the policies from the server on the employee’s mobile device. By using this secure system, SMB owners can rest assured their companies’ information is always secure, no matter who is using them where or on which devices.

The Top 10 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

It’s no secret mobile device management is an up-and-coming technology, serving the solutions IT departments and managers have been begging for. But in case you need some extra reminding, below are the most remarkable advantages of mobile device management.

1. Easy Remote Management

Perhaps one of the most convenient qualities of MDM software is that IT professionals can manage it from any location. MSPs can oversee the activity on mobile devices no matter where they are, giving them access and control what users do with the business’ data. They can disable users anytime, even off-site team members. IT pros can also perform software updates from any location anytime, contributing to efficient and seamless data protection company-wide.

2. Controlled Device Updates

Have you ever postponed software updates and bug fixes on your computer, phone or tablet? Many users might dismiss these alerts automatically, but when you’re looking to tighten up your data security, you don’t want your employees putting off these crucial updates. MDMs can help solve this problem. Mobile device management software gives MSPs the ability to update all devices from a central location. With only a couple of minutes and a few quick clicks, you can implement company-wide updates. Install the latest cybersecurity technologies that protect against hackers and other types of illegal activity.

3. Increased Network Security

As an overarching benefit of mobile device management software, an MSP can secure their network by updating their across-the-board security capabilities in an efficient process that takes place in a snap. MDM builds a wall between confidential company information and an employee’s personal data stored on their mobile device, providing increased security for all parties involved.

4. App Control

This security best practice restricts unauthorized apps that may put a company’s data at risk of a breach. Application control may include identity verification, completeness and validity checks, authorization, input controls, authentication, forensic controls and more. This MDM feature helps prevent company system crashes and data loss.

5. BYOD Support

With MDM, businesses can give their employees the freedom to use their devices without compromising their network security. Before MDM, traditional technologies often marked unknown devices as a threat. By opting for MDM, the software recognizes that new devices are not always dangerous and accepts that they’re a commonality in the ever-changing technological landscape!

6. Less Reliance on IT

Think about how much time it would take for an IT department to serve security processes to all connected devices across the board. Mobile device management software allows IT professionals to save countless hours, dollars and resources.

7. Improved Compliance

Rules and procedures are MSPs’ bread and butter, so having software that can ensure users follow these across all devices is vital for maintaining service quality and data security. With MDM, businesses can regulate these service and security practices from a singular console.

8. Reduced Mobile Device Costs

IT managers must keep track of all information technology-related finances and find ways to reduce these costs. High-quality mobile devices such as iPhones provide outstanding workplace efficiency, but can be costly to maintain. Some devices are worth thousands of dollars, and buying new ones may be outside your budget. However, you can cut expenses by buying more cost-effective MDM software to protect existing devices from spam and informational breaches.

9. Automated Device Registration

Register a new employee device within minutes by sending an email to the designated device and having the employee log into the network through that account. The MDM software then adds the device and begins implementing security measures in hardly any time at all.

10. Large-Scale Growth

Whether you hire 10 or 100 new team members, MDM lets you register, oversee and regulate the security practices of many devices from a single unified server.

Learn More About Mobile Device Management’s Benefits

When information security is your priority, never compromise. IT pros need efficient, secure ways to oversee and regulate sensitive company data, and mobile device management software is the solution. Learn more about the MDM services Pickorchard provides and request a custom quote now.