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Customizable Apple Device Management Services

Orchard MDM solutions are the easy way to provide your staff with Apple devices equipped with the capabilities they need to do their jobs most effectively. These services are appropriate for businesses of any size, regardless of how many devices you’re using or if you maintain an in-house IT department. They cover everything you need to incorporate this technology into your company, ensure security and stay updated with services you can customize to match your needs.

Device Security, Configuration, Patching and More

Our Apple device management services allow you to fully configure your company-owned devices for employee use over the air without having to touch a screen or strike a keyboard. We’ll get your program ready to launch and keep you fully supported with:

  • Device Security

    We place a high emphasis on keeping data secure. Our Apple MDM solutions utilize leading security protocols, regular monitoring and the ability to wipe lost or stolen phones, tablets or computers.
  • Device Configuration

    We’ll have your devices ready to go — complete with all the apps you want to install, filters and controls you want to set, restrictions you wish to engage, network settings you want to use and settings you want to enable.
  • Device Patching

    Our Apple mobile device management solutions are constantly working to ensure your devices have the latest software updates. We provide patching services to ensure your company devices and apps work their best and stay secure.

Device Deployment and Enrollment

When your devices are ready for distribution, our deployment and enrollment services provide a fast, simple method for equipping your staff. These services offer a seamless onboarding solution to give your employees an out-of-the-box experience where they can instantly get to work using the customized platform we’ve worked with you to put together.

  • Initial Device Setup.
  • Network Connection.
  • User Account Creation.
  • Enrollment And Delivery.

Leveraging Apple’s Device Management Tools

Orchard MDM solutions support all of Apple’s device management tools.
These include popular systems like:

  • Apple School Manager (ASM)

    ASM provides a dedicated portal your IT teams can use to manage devices.
  • Apple Business Manager (ABM)

    ABM provides services similar to ASM but optimized for commercial businesses.
  • The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

    VPP gives you the ability to manage all apps and licenses in one place.
  • The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

    DEP automates the enrollment process and includes direct device shipment.

Learn how you can use our Apple MDM solutions to help your business grow.

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