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What Is Identity and Access Management?

In enterprise information technology (IT), identity and access management (IAM) products give you the tools you need to set and manage user access controls. Who qualifies as a user depends on the organization. In a school, users could be students, teachers or administrators. In a business setting, they could be employees, partners and customers. All these people need a digital identity and permissions. IAM provides the solution.

Identity management as a service gives your IT managers the resources necessary to develop and control digital identities. IDaaS includes account creation, setting permissions authorizations and offboarding users who no longer need accounts. With these tools, managers can also get a closer look at user activity, including when and where they log in, what they did and which device they used in the process.

Identity Management as a Service Through Orchard

IAM is becoming more important each day as new technology is developed and more companies embrace remote employees. Even if you have a dedicated IT department, the time and effort needed to create and manage user accounts and permissions can be substantial, affecting your ability to do business and potentially compromising security. Our IAM services have you covered.

At Orchard, we offer identity and policy management as a service customized to meet your needs. Professional IDaaS through our company will give you all the advantages of advanced IAM without the challenges and costs of in-house management. We’ll create and implement new processes for your business whether you have existing policies in place or are starting fresh.

Managed Apple IDs and Single Sign-On Capability

Our company specializes in Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and additional Mac and OS/iOS systems. These devices require Apple IDs for sign-in whether they’re intended for personal use or company-managed devices. Orchard identity and policy management as a service will establish these IDs and manage them, setting the exact privileges and access you want for yours.

We can also integrate your IAM with the Apple single-sign solution (SSO). SSO is advanced access software that lets users sign into different apps and services using the same login credentials. This feature streamlines the user experience. It also saves the time it takes to create multiple user profiles, reduces troubleshooting calls and helps strengthen security by eliminating variables.

Identity and access management as a service through Orchard includes:

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

    IGA includes assigning user identities, creating user passwords and password reset capability.
  • User access controls

    IAM services include establishing authentication tools and sign-on solutions to make sure users are who they claim to be.
  • Account support

    Help desk support is available to ensure you have the resources needed to use your IAM IDaaS software to its greatest potential.

Learn More About IDaaS

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