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Mac Computer Monitoring and Management

In commercial settings, Mac computers are often preferred over those using other operating systems. Professionals across multiple industries like to use them thanks to their sleek look and significant performance capabilities. IT departments like them due to their lower risk for viruses and their streamlined updating process. Our Mac cybersecurity consulting services help you take full advantage of everything these tools have to offer by ensuring the computers issued to your employees stay secure.

iOS and Mobile Device Security Services

Apple devices have a growing place in the office and mobile work environment. Many companies issue iPhones and iPads to employees to increase productivity, encourage collaboration, improve efficiency and deliver better products or services. These devices can help you accomplish a lot, but they can represent a weak point in your cybersecurity strategy unless you maintain a strategy for keeping them secure.

Orchard is a dedicated Apple cybersecurity consulting company that works exclusively with Apple products. Our cybersecurity services provide the protective framework you need to keep your devices and network safe from events like data breaches, hacking attempts and ransomware attacks.

We provide support for the full suite of Apple mobile devices. The complete list of customizable security services we offer for devices using the iOS platform includes:

  • Custom configuration

    We will configure all your devices using your custom preferences. We'll also manage deployment.
  • Automatic management

    When security updates release, we'll deliver them to your devices for automatic installation.
  • Device support

    Our apple ransomware protection consultants and security teams work to prevent and manage crises.

Apple Software Patching, Backups and Endpoint Protection

Our Apple and Mac cybersecurity consulting teams keep your devices protected with the latest and most advanced security protections, starting with device distribution through final turnover and replacement. We’ll equip you with the right tools and software solutions and make sure your computers and devices are up to date with current versions as soon as they’re released.

Our solutions include:

  • Software patching: Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. New threats present themselves all the time, and developers release software patches containing new programs and fixes to combat them. We’ll monitor these developments to ensure you have the most current protections and are using the latest tools.
  • System backups: Mac and iOS products utilize the cloud. As a full-service Apple cybersecurity consulting company, we’ll ensure you’re taking the best advantage of this technology to protect your server data. If you encounter a computer virus or a security breach, we can use a backup to restore your network capabilities fast.
  • Endpoint protection: Every computer or device that is connected to your network represents an endpoint. We’ll secure each through a series of solutions designed to prevent criminal actors from exploiting them for malicious activity. Our team will help with threat prevention, detection, response and recovery.


  • Setting global proxies.
  • Modifying device settings.
  • Configuring user accounts.
  • Installing software updates.

IT Infrastructure Support

Security begins with a solid infrastructure. In IT, that includes having the right hardware and software configured around your specific operating requirements. We’ll assist in product selection, customization and implementation for your physical and cloud-based processes and provide all the additional custom connectivity and management tools you want to include.

Detailed Reporting and Consultation

Our cybersecurity solutions include helping you find the right products and services for your business and leveraging them to your greatest advantage. We’ll assist you with:

  • Consultation

    We'll help you select the right combination of technology to support your network. You can also rely on us to provide you with ongoing guidance to stay up to date on threats and challenges and provide your team with training to ensure everyone has the right mindset and tools to protect your network at the user level and up.
  • Reports

    We make it simple to manage cybersecurity services for all your connected Apple devices and Mac computers. The experts on our team will monitor all the connected devices on your network, whether they're assigned to a mobile user or in the office. We will diagnose any issues and generate reports regarding security threats, suspicious activity and company readiness.

We are a professional Mac consulting cybersecurity company providing the complete range of protective services required to streamline and secure your macOS network. These include:

  • Security audits

    Our experts will audit your network to find any vulnerabilities. We can uncover hidden trojans, locate unnecessary open ports, remove old accounts, ensure protections are up to date and test passwords.
  • Crisis response

    If your system is under attack or you think it might be compromised, our team provides rapid assistance. We'll contain and eliminate the threat, restore your system and strategize to prevent future issues.
  • Help desk support

     Our company specializes in Apple and Mac cybersecurity consulting. If you have any issues with the security of your network, you can count on our team of specialists to find a fast resolution.

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