How Using a Managed MDM Service Provider Saves Your IT Department Time

No matter your business, you are likely already using some form of a smartphone, tablet or another mobile device as they become more and more popular among the general population, especially Apple products like iPhones or Macbooks. These devices play a huge role in the function and success of modern business, but the use of these devices leaves room for a slew of other problems, such aS data breaches or compromised security.

This is where your IT department and specialists would step in, providing you with the services you require to run a successful business safely. But what if we told you that mobile device management (MDM) could make the process smoother and more secure, and more importantly, save your IT department valuable time? Our managed MDM service provider aims to give you just that.

Why Using an MDM Service Saves Time

To understand how mobile device management can save you time, first, you must understand what it is and how it works. To put it simply, MDM is the management of multiple devices from one easy-to-access location. The devices, in this case, are referred to as endpoints, and with MDM, you can have a whole lot of devices and still have fast and efficient service. MDM is built to withstand the requirements of large businesses, where numerous devices are all being used at once.

Purpose of MDM

Essentially, MDM programs act as a command base, connecting every device to one sole piece of software that IT professionals and specialists can use from anywhere.

MDM service providers typically work on-site or through the cloud. The cloud is a popular choice if and when available because it doesn’t require the same level of updates, management or maintenance that an on-site servicer would. Once you’ve switched to using an MDM service provider, you won’t ever want to go back as the benefits are just too good to pass up.

Faster Setup

One of the many benefits of an MDM service provider is that it will save you time and lots of it. Time is a valuable asset for any business, as it can be spent working in other vital areas. But how exactly does MDM save you time? Well, to put it simply, MDM service providers streamline access of your mobile devices onto one platform or portal, making it easy to access and simple to use.

No matter if you’re setting up your new Mac computer or trying to connect your new business tablet, MDM service providers can give you the means to set up these devices quickly so that you no longer have to worry about getting all of your devices up and running. This works especially well as many companies are turning to BYOD, or “bring your own device”.

This means that workers bring along their personal devices to their workplace and can use them for business affairs. This does eliminate some costs for businesses as mobile devices can quickly become expensive, especially if you have a larger company, but it can mean a slower setup time without MDM.

Using an MDM service provider means that your employees don’t have to wait for the important data to be uploaded to their devices, and they don’t have to worry about installing multiple apps. Instead, your MDM service provider can handle that for you, meaning that your employees can go to work sooner.

Maybe most importantly, this service will also put less stress on your IT department. Much like how MDM streamlines access to your business and employee mobile devices, it also reduces the time-consuming process of managing and monitoring all of these devices day in and day out. With this concern out of the way, this leaves time for your IT department to work on other important projects that will better benefit your business.

Fewer Errors

Businesses are run by people and people are prone to making mistakes. This happens more frequently when you have to manage devices manually or IT specialists have to visit the business site frequently. These slip-ups can reduce productivity since they will have to remedy them, and they can also cause a problem with the security of your network.

Mobile device management can streamline the whole process so that these errors don’t occur as often. Since MDM software essentially works as the command base for the endpoints, or devices, you can manage everything from one place. All updates, security fixes, or other device issues can be completed or remedied by the software itself. It leaves little room for human error, such as leaving the network open for security breaches of mobile devices.

MDM software lets your business run as smoothly as possible with little strain on your IT department regarding the management of devices. With fewer errors, you will save more time and achieve lower costs for fixing any eventual issues.

Productivity is increased as fewer errors would require less time to fix. One of the best decisions you can make for your business is investing in MDM software as you will see more return in your business, both with costs and with the other benefits that the software provides.

Reduced On-Site Visits With Remote Access

We all remember the days where we would have to wait for an IT specialist to show up to diagnose the problems we were facing with our technology. Little to no work could be completed until our computers or telephones were fixed and it reduced productivity for the day, sometimes even longer. But those worries are now in the past. MDM service providers allow IT, specialists, to access the software portal with remote access.

This means that in many cases you will no longer have to wait for an IT specialist to show up to fix a problem with your mobile device’s business apps or unlock and reset the password for a tablet or computer. Instead, the IT specialist can access and determine the issue from any location, as long as they have access to the mobile content management client or portal. You can easily resolve the issue and get back on track.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every device issue can be fixed this way, as there are multiple issues that can crop up when using the technology of any kind. However, MDM services significantly reduce the number of on-site visits that your business will require, which will save you money in the long run.

Beyond that, it will save both your employees and IT department time. Without having to wait very long for their issues to be resolved, employees can jump right back into work and won’t be forced to sacrifice productivity for hours or longer. Your IT department also won’t have to spend time traveling between locations and can use that extra time on more pressing matters to help strengthen your business.

Centralized Updates

Software updates can be the absolute worst. When people face the notification that their phone, computer or tablet has a new update, they often avoid doing so until the last possible moment. This mindset doesn’t just exist in our personal lives. Many employees do this at work as well. Doing so means that they can potentially miss out on potentially important information, and in the worst-case scenario, they risk the security of the company as a whole.

New updates don’t just increase the quality of a device’s interface or help with the overall function of an app or phone. Important security information is often included in these updates too, as well as software that will bolster the strength of the company or business’s security. When an employee doesn’t update their device, they leave their device open to hackers who may use the opportunity to gain access to private or sensitive business information.

Mobile device management can be a real life-saver in these cases. This MDM software allows the user to control when updates are applied to the devices on their network. You can do this remotely too, so there will be no need to access these devices in person. You don’t have to worry about an employee accidentally compromising your security or putting you at risk of attracting hackers.

In many businesses, such as the medical field, this will also keep you within government regulations that are meant to keep your customers safe. Productivity overall is increased as you don’t have to wait on your employees to update their devices to receive important information or to spend time having an IT specialist show up on-site to do the updates manually.

Better Inventory Management

Managing inventory of your devices, especially if you’re a large-scale company, can be a grueling and tiresome task. You would have to do much of the work manually, which can take up a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere on other, more important tasks. Companies that don’t use MDM software waste a lot of time on tracking down who is using what device, what the serial number is or if it has been properly logged.

With MDM, there is a realm of possibilities when it comes to inventory management. You can see who is using what device, what their set-up looks like if their device has been properly activated and more. For devices that belong to the company, as in you spent money and own these devices, certain MDM software lets see a plethora of information about multiple devices.

This includes warranty information which is useful for you to know as a business owner so that you can either update or extend these warranties for longer periods.

However, if you choose not to update the warranties on these devices and opt to look for a newer piece of equipment, the great thing about MDM is that the new devices can be easily added to your system and accessed through the MDM software. Setup time using MDM is quick and efficient and the inventory of the devices is the same. MDM servicers allow you to forego the old ways of taking inventory of your devices and worry less about where they may have ended up and instead focus your time on other things.

Improved Security For Lost or Stolen Devices

While bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming popular among businesses to reduce costs, it does come with its own risks. Important business data or information can be compromised when employees store it on personal devices, which in some cases can have devastating effects on a business. A lot of time and money would have to go into security measures to prevent this from happening. However, mobile device management greatly decreases the chances of security breaches ever happening.

The way that MDM can do this is mainly due to the ability to manage devices remotely. We often don’t know what our employees do in their private lives but losing a device on the bus or having it stolen can cause important business information to leak. With MDM, IT specialists can use it to remotely access these devices and locate and lock the device, or they can take it one step further by completely wiping the device.

This prevents any sensitive information from getting out due to a device being misplaced by or stolen from an employee.

MDM can also put a barrier between personal information and business data from anywhere by encrypting the data. This goes a long way towards increasing the security of the companies information, especially if the device isn’t able to be remotely accessed in time to have it locked or the data wiped. This means anyone snooping through the device would have a very difficult time retrieving the data stored on the phone, computer, or tablet and while they try to access it, the IT specialists have the time to lock the phone or wipe it completely.

With an MDM service provider, security breaches become less likely, and you can rest easy knowing that your valuable business information is in safe hands. You will save money on security costs as well as still allowing your employees to use their own devices in the workplace.

Start Saving More Time With PickOrchard

Managing a business can be hard enough on top of managing all of the devices that you may require to run yours. With the growing number of mobile devices, most businesses will one day solely rely on these devices for a business to function.

IT departments are only able to handle so much and the stresses that come with device management, especially on a larger scale can make it difficult to get anything else done. There are many other worthwhile projects that your IT specialists can be spending their time on rather than mobile device management.

Let an MDM service provider be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our qualified staff here at PickOrchard can help save you time and money by giving you the means to control your Apple products and devices all from one easily accessible place. Don’t let the devices pile up on your IT team, contact us today for a free quote