Our Suite of SMB Apple Mobile Device Management Services

When you choose small business device management iOS services from Orchard, our team of experts will use our top-of-the-line technologies to streamline your Apple investment scaling.

  • Manage

    Orchard Manage is a mobile device management (MDM) solution designed to assist users in assembling and positioning their MDM, converting their business needs to management policies that offer order and organization. Some of the services you'll receive through our device management platform include:

    We carry a wealth of reliable solutions, including:
    • Configuration
    • Patching
    • Security
    • Deployment and enrollment
  • Identity

    Integrate directories with Orchard Identity, a service that enables users to centralize their endpoint authentication to improve security through access management controls. With Orchard Identity, you can transform Apple device management for your SMB using current directory platforms.

    Orchard Identity comes with the following services:

    • Apple ID management
    • Account support
    • Single sign-on solutions
    • User access controls
    • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
    • Active Directory, Azure & Identity Integration
  • Deploy

    Receiving new Apple devices means spending time activating and setting them up, which can take time away from other priorities. That's why we offer a touchless deployment system designed to automatically configure your organization's devices so you don't have to. Simply purchase your Apple device, wait for delivery and log in — Orchard Deploy will install all configurations and applications immediately.
  • Secure

    Although Apple devices have many innovative design features, they're still at risk for cybersecurity breaches. With Orchard Secure SMB mobile device management for Apple products, we'll safeguard your company's most valuable data with cybersecurity protection systems, including:

    With Orchard Secure, you can take advantage of any of our security services:
    • iOS and mobile device security: Device support, automatic management and custom configuration
    • Apple cybersecurity: Endpoint protection, software patching and system backups
    • Mac computer monitoring and management: Crisis response, help desk support and security audits
  • Update

    With Orchard Update, you can take advantage of our comprehensive application catalog regularly updated with the latest enhancements, enabling you to experience patching automation and monitoring for your Apple devices. We offer numerous productivity and communication apps, ensuring that you'll never be interrupted with updating prompts at inopportune moments.

    Our managed patching solutions include many advanced features:
    • Patch alerts
    • Custom patch distribution
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Advance patch reporting

Why Use Mac Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

Getting small business mobile device management through Orchard will optimize your Apple devices while providing you with all of the following benefits:

  • Coordination simplification

  • Proactive system monitoring

  • Expert-level support

  • Cyberattack prevention

  • Higher productivity rates

  • Reduced infrastructure expenses

Invest in Small Business Device Management for iOS at Orchard Today

You can boost efficiency for your SMB with Apple device management services from Orchard. We eliminate the hassle of IT management by delivering expert assistance customized to your needs.

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