Our Suite of Apple Device Management Services for Startups

At Orchard, we offer numerous platforms that deliver automated assistance so that you don’t have to lift a finger. It’s our goal to provide you with top-of-the-line technologies designed for scalability, security and performance.

  • Manage

    With Orchard Manage, you can quickly and easily set up and arrange mobile device management (MDM) using our streamlined software featuring many solutions and configuration options. This platform examines your startup's business needs and converts them into management methods customized to your company.

    We carry a wealth of reliable solutions, including:
    • Deployment and enrollment
    • Patching
    • Security
    • Configuration
  • Identity

    Our identity platform allows clients to centralize their endpoint authentication technology to restrict access to their business's devices, preventing unauthorized personnel from logging in. Orchard Identity is designed to streamline the Apple login process using integrated technologies and advanced work tools while giving users access to the following access management services:

    • Apple ID management
    • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
    • Account support
    • User access controls
    • Single-sign-on solutions
  • Deploy

    Apple products are excellent investments for startup companies, but setting them up can be time-consuming. That's why we developed Orchard Deploy, a zero-touch deployment platform that automatically deploys your devices so you can use your time to further your business goals. Once you purchase and receive your Mac products, simply log in and Orchard Deploy will set up your devices, installing the newest apps and configurations instantly.
  • Secure

    Apple products feature secure designs, but like all technologies, they are not immune to cyberattacks. With Orchard Secure, you can shield your mobile assets and information from threats. Our Apple device management software uses advanced protection tools to deliver the best security defense for your startup.

    With Orchard Secure, you can take advantage of any of our security services:
    • iOS device security: Custom configuration, automatic management and device support
    • Mac computer monitoring: Help desk support, security audits and crisis response
    • Apple cybersecurity: Software patching, system backups and endpoint protection

    We also offer consultations, reports and technology infrastructure assistance.
  • Update

    You can undertake zero-day application vulnerabilities with efficiency and ease using Orchard Update. Our startup mobile device management software for Apple products delivers automatic monitoring and patching capabilities and has a catalog of applications that will never interrupt your operations with update prompts.

    Orchard Update patching services include:
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Alerts
    • Reporting
    • Custom patch installation

Why Use Device Management iOS for Startup Companies?

There are many advantages to using Orchard Apple device management for your startup, including:

  • Saving time

  • Protecting your network information

  • Maximizing performance

  • Increasing profit margins

  • Minimizing downtime

  • Gaining professional assistance

  • Boosting productivity

  • Receiving predictable monthly fees

Choose Orchard for Startup Mobile Device Management

You can invest in Apple device management for your startup business at Orchard. We strive to deliver customized solutions while eliminating the hassle of Apple product management.