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What Is the Mac Deployment Program?

Our Apple deployment program makes it easy to manage your Apple devices from a single, centralized location. When your employees rely on Macs to operate within your network, the Apple device enrollment program allows you to establish all necessary settings for a system with the press of a few buttons.

Deployment programs like these are essential to streamlining device management in large companies with several system users. The zero-touch configuration simplifies the deployment process for IT professionals without sacrificing consistency.

Zero Touch Versus Manual Deployment

In the tech world, zero-touch deployment programs are now a standard among IT systems. Deployment refers to configuring systems for employee use — when the process is zero-touch, it is automated. Before zero-touch technology existed, IT teams handled manual deployment. They had to sit down with each system, enroll them and configure the platforms according to a company’s needs. While other manual methods surfaced to make the job easier, these required ample time to complete.

Programs like Apple Configurator let IT professionals plug Macs into a configured system and enroll them one at a time. Methods like network scanning allowed mobile device management (MDM) systems to initiate configuration. Some companies even left configuration to each individual user.

Zero-touch deployment allows IT teams to configure all systems with the initial Setup Assistant. Every system goes through the same enrollment and configuration steps, and the systems don’t have to leave the box. Users can receive their Macs in the mail, fully configured and ready for use.

Benefits of Managed and One-Touch Deployment

Introducing the Apple DEP program from Orchard to your business offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Efficiency

    Rather than configuring each system in person, IT professionals can enroll and set them up from a central location. The process happens much faster than manual options, and employees receive their systems sooner. Less time spent with deployment also makes it easier to allocate IT resources to higher-priority projects.
  • Scalability

    If you start with 10 systems, our Apple device enrollment program will accommodate more as you grow. Your IT team can maintain the same configuration settings from their platform and add new computers as more employees join the company.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    An efficient deployment strategy reduces costs associated with manual methods. Much like time, this saved resource can contribute to more worthwhile projects.
  • Tracking and reporting

    Full visibility into every system ensures the IT team can make reports and measure performance with ease.

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Orchard’s Apple deployment program simplifies employee system enrollment for greater efficiency and scalability. With our deployment program, you can allocate IT resources to other projects for a more effective business model. Get a quote for our Apple DEP program today.