Okta is an identity management service that lets IT departments better manage their team’s access to shared devices and applications. A cloud-based service, OKTA can integrate with a wide range of different technologies and applications.

Introducing Okta to your company can benefit your team and security practices. However, when training your staff on this service, you’ll need to consider the best way to streamline the process. You’ll ensure your team understands the importance of taking proper security measures to protect your business’s private data.

The Benefits of Okta for Your Team

Here are some of the most significant benefits of introducing Okta to your team:

Enhancing Network Security

Thanks to the influx of remote workforces and cloud computing, network security is more important than ever. Between 2020 and 2021, weekly corporate cyber attacks increased by 50%.

Okta provides you with policy-based security to minimize threats automatically. At the same time, automated authentication offers seamless access across the network.

Protecting Company Data

In addition to boosting network security, Okta helps protect your data by utilizing multi-layer encryption architecture to hide information from bad actors. It also uses a Zero Trust approach to access to provide even greater data protection. Team members only have access to the information they need to do their job.

Boosting Password Hygiene

Your employees use passwords for dozens of services in their day-to-day lives. Having so many credentials to remember often leads to poor password hygiene in the form of:

  • Reusing passwords.
  • Using weak, easy-to-guess passwords.
  • Using minimal password variations.

Okta can help encourage password hygiene best practices. As a single sign-on (SSO) provider, Okta helps mitigate the dangers of compromised passwords and reduces help desk calls relating to login problems.

Improving Efficiency

Okta helps IT teams streamline their operations, providing a central control point from which they can easily manage access for everyone on the team. In addition to more efficient access management, Okta also reduces login-related problems and speeds up IT integration.

Saving Costs

Every company wants to save costs, and Okta helps your business spend less on hardware and maintenance. It can also help your team save valuable time on integration and IT friction.

Okta makes it easy to automate access management, leading to even greater savings and security through quicker deprovisioning. Streamlining your processes with Okta will help you save time and money.

Saving Costs

7 Okta Staff Training Tips

We’ve assembled a few suggestions to help you make the most of Okta products and solutions when creating staff training programs. Consider implementing these tips during Okta training for your staff:

1. Make Training Part of Onboarding

You can enhance your Okta training by making it part of your onboarding process when new employees are already in a learning mindset. Starting their training during onboarding creates a solid foundation for employees to build their familiarity with the products and practice utilizing them.

The sooner your team is aware of your security measures and understands why your business implements them, the better. This awareness can help create a cybersecurity culture among your employees and further streamline your team’s responses to threats.

2. Familiarize Them With Common Threats

In a world where 93% of company networks are vulnerable to cybercriminals, it is essential to familiarize your team with common cybersecurity threats. Your business will be better off if your team is proactive about flagging their security concerns.

Your staff will be better prepared to address threats before they become detrimental problems if they are familiar with signs of the following cyberattacks:

  • Malware attacks: Attackers use malicious code to access networks and steal data.
  • Ransomware: Criminals encrypt company data and force the business to pay a ransom to gain access back.
  • Phishing attacks: Cybercriminal tricks a victim into opening a malicious link or file to access and steal private data.

3. Personalize Training

Tying Okta training to cybersecurity safety at home helps your team understand the nature of security threats and why they need to take precautions.

Giving their training context outside of work will help people remember what they learned. When they’re aware of what to look for, they’ll start watching for risks in their daily lives, letting them practice identifying risky behaviors and potential threats on their own.

4. Embrace Ongoing Training

One-off training for any type of security purpose can only cover so much. Teams require ongoing training because threats are constantly evolving and changing.

Okta training should be a continuous conversation beyond a single training session. Establishing security as an ongoing concern helps ensure every member of your staff understands the importance of access and authentication management. After all, human error is responsible for 88% of security breaches.

5. Review Password Policies

Weak passwords can give attackers direct entry to your access management systems, compromising your personal information. Everyone on your staff should know the best practices for creating secure passwords that protect company files and their private data against unauthorized users.

Reviewing password policies will help your team understand the use of various security features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on solutions.

6. Keep Instruction Short

When training staff on Okta, it’s best to keep lessons brief and digestible so that members of your staff remain engaged. There are many different factors involved in identity authentication and access management. If your team is sitting through hours of training programs, they are less likely to retain the information. Shorter training sessions promote an understanding of the importance of Okta products in safeguarding your business’s network security.

7. Encourage Better Device Management

In addition to Okta training, consider encouraging your team to improve their device management to boost security efforts. It’s essential that they monitor any devices they use for work carefully. For example, leaving an unlocked device available could allow an unauthorized user to access it, compromising security.

When your staff understands the need for implementing Okta, they are likely to make better choices regarding device management.

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