Taking Device Management Off Your Hands

Outsourcing your device management to the experts at ORCHARD has numerous benefits, including:

  • Additional Time for Important Projects

    Your team keeps your business running, but taking people away from important tasks to manage IT devices can cost your company time and money. By working with a managed service provider (MSP) like ORCHARD, your team can spend more time working on high-impact, long-term projects that have a higher return on investment. We'll handle the low-level IT functions so that your team can focus on the essential tasks that keep your business running.
  • Leverage Tools From ORCHARD

    Avoid spending weeks of work enrolling your employees' devices manually by taking advantage of our zero-touch deployment services. Staging devices manually is a tedious and time-consuming process, but our zero-touch deployment lets your employees get devices preconfigured with the correct settings, applications, configurations and Apple-specific software. What's more, we support all of Apple's device management tools, including: - Apple School Manager. - Apple Business Manager. - The Apple Volume Purchase Program. - The Apple Device Enrollment Program.
  • Full Team Support 24/7

    We have IT experts working 24/7 to provide you with complete support and comprehensive security and compliance monitoring. No matter what happens to your devices, you can be confident that ORCHARD will be there with a solution.
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Automated Apple Device Management

When you partner with ORCHARD, you can easily automate most of the Apple device management process and let us handle the outliers. Our expertise allows us to find innovative solutions to problems with Apple products. We also offer comprehensive security monitoring to identify issues before they happen. We’ll take care of the details while you focus on the important projects that will help your business grow.

Providing Both the People and the Software

Work with a device management company that provides complete solutions to your IT problems. At ORCHARD, we supply you with the software and the people who can implement and operate it. Managing Apple devices requires cutting-edge software, but providing customers with the best management service requires expert IT professionals who can effectively use that software.

When you work with ORCHARD, you get support from a team of individuals passionate about Apple products. What’s more, our on-call support means 24/7 solutions to your device management needs.


  • Focus: Your business’s growth will likely lead to scaling IT needs. As your IT team finds themselves overwhelmed by the increasing demand, you might find yourself pulling in other employees to assist them. While that solution might help, it will also distract from your business’s primary purpose. ORCHARD allows your personnel to focus on your business goals, so you can continue to grow and increase profits.
  • Expertise: Our team consists of experts who are the frontline of IT advancements. As new issues arise with your devices, you can be confident that we’ll have the resources to find solutions and keep your systems running.
  • Savings: Working with ORCHARD will lower your labor costs and allow you to avoid hiring and training new IT professionals. Because our services are scalable, you can add or remove services and specialists as needed and save money in the process.
  • Support: We offer our clients 24/7 support, so you can get the help you need exactly when you need it. Enjoy a personable approach to outsourced device management.
  • Reliability: Our proactive IT management approach means we can detect issues before they happen. What’s more, our team will quickly diagnose and troubleshoot any problems to avoid expensive downtimes and save you money.
  • Security: In addition to managing your IT systems, we handle device security and compliance for your specific industry’s regulations. Our expertise streamlines security and eliminates guesswork.

Choose Orchard for Startup Mobile Device Management

You can invest in Apple device management for your startup business at Orchard. We strive to deliver customized solutions while eliminating the hassle of Apple product management.