Seven Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in the modern workplace. We use them for everything — emails, text messages, file transfers, storage and more. Increasingly, businesses are allowing employees to use their personal devices for work, meaning that mobile devices store more work data than ever before.

This widespread use of mobile devices means that businesses have to be extra careful with using them. If your business somehow lost access to your mobile devices, how many numbers would you be able to call? How many important pieces of information would you be able to reproduce? How many files would you be able to recover?

The answer, for many businesses, is very few. Because mobile devices are so important to the success of your business, you have to make sure you can access their contents even if the device is unavailable — and that’s why mobile device backups are so important and useful for businesses of all kinds.

Why Backing up Your Business’s Mobile Phones Is a Good Idea

Backing up any sort of electronic device is a good idea, but backing up your business’s mobile phones should be an essential practice. Here are just a few reasons why you should back up your business’s iPhones:

Protects Against Malware

No matter how well you try to protect against it, mobile malware is always a potential threat. Many people know not to click on suspicious links, but there are plenty of other ways that malware can infect a phone. Whether by downloading infected apps, connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks or exposing themselves to a host of other unexpected threats, people frequently give hackers access to their devices.

If your device becomes compromised, having a backup will keep your business from losing the information stored on the phone. You may not be able to salvage the device, but you will still have access to all the data that was on the device, potentially saving you days or weeks of redoing work.

Helps Avoid Dead Battery Data Loss

If your information is saved in one spot, especially if that one spot is a mobile device, then a dead battery can completely cut you off from that information. Those who rely on their phones for work but leave their chargers at home may be unable to work if their phones ever run out of battery. By having a backup of your business’s mobile devices, you can access all of your mobile content 24/7, even if the devices are dead. Even when people can’t access their typical device, they can still be productive when you have a backup.

Keeps Data Saved if It Gets Stolen

Mobile devices are easy targets for thieves looking for something small and quick to steal. People often accidentally leave their phones behind at a restaurant, the office or any other location. Even when their phones are on their person, they usually keep them in easily accessible – and pickable — pockets.

If your phone gets stolen or goes missing, you can often replace the device — it might be expensive, but it’s not difficult. Replacing the lost information, however, is much harder and sometimes impossible. Backing up your data will keep your business’s information accessible even if your device is stolen.

Helps Manage Lost Devices

Devices can get stolen or targeted by malware, and they can also simply go missing. Everyone has experienced a frantic search around the house upon realizing their phone was missing. Maybe you left it on the charger, maybe it fell out of your pocket or purse or maybe you realized upon pulling into work that you left it on the kitchen table.

Whether your search for your device is fruitful or the device proves to be completely lost, access to its information remains an important issue. You can use a phone that was backed up even when it’s missing, but a phone that wasn’t backed up leaves the entire workplace hanging.

Protects for Device Damage

Malware isn’t the only source of damage for mobile devices. Physical damage is another very real threat to data stored on mobile phones. While phones are getting sturdier and phone cases are becoming more reliable, you shouldn’t bet the success of your workplace on a few thin layers of aluminum alloy.

Whether it’s spilling coffee all over the device, dropping the phone or anything in between, phones can easily take damage in the workplace. Backing up your business’s mobile devices helps prevent this damage from cutting off access to the single source of that specific information.

Allows for Human Error

Even the best worker can accidentally slip up from time to time. Unfortunately, if that slip-up involves the permanent deletion or physical destruction of the only copy of a piece of information, it can completely disrupt the flow of your business.

Backing up your business’s mobile devices is a great way to account for human error. Even when people do make mistakes, you still have another copy of the information that you can access.

Moves Easily to a New Device

The importance of ease when moving to a new device is something you don’t usually consider until you experience it for yourself. It seems like it shouldn’t be much of a hassle, but moving to a new device entails more than transferring your files. It includes readjusting layouts, changing personalized device settings, downloading important apps and more. The more you customize your device, the more you have to set up on a new device.

Having a backup of your mobile device makes it much easier to move to a new device. Depending on the type of backup, many of your settings and apps are already saved and ready to transfer over. Rather than spending days or weeks in productivity limbo as you try to adjust your device’s settings to match your old workflow, your can have your new device set up automatically.

Backup Your Business With Pickorchard

There are plenty of reasons why you need to backup your business’s mobile devices. These devices contain crucial business information and data, so if they break, get lost, lose their battery, get infected or get stolen, there can be severe consequences for your business. Keeping a backup of your mobile devices will make sure you can always access your important data, even if everything goes wrong with your mobile devices.

If you want to get your business’s mobile devices backed up, Pickorchard can help! We specialize in Apple device management for businesses, taking care of everything from setup to security to updating. Contact us to get a free assessment today.