The global supply chain crisis can teach us many valuable lessons about the best practices for getting products and services into the hands of consumers. It can also help shine a light on which brands set their supply chain up for success and make it easier for consumers to access their goods. Apple is an example of a business with a powerful and well-maintained supply chain, despite recent challenges in the electronics industry.

Learn more about the global supply chain and why Apple devices are the way to go.

Global Supply Chain Issues: An Overview

The world has seen the global supply chain endure many unprecedented problems over the last few years. Between delayed packages and product shortages, these interruptions impact our daily lives in many ways. Here are some of the key issues associated with the global supply chain crisis:

Outdated Supply Procedures

The pandemic taught many businesses that their supply chain procedures were outdated and in need of an update. Traditional practices such as inventory and component obsolescence no longer make sense in modern times and have led to massive delays. Supply chain 4.0 modernizes these procedures by utilizing more of the following:

  • Automation
  • Agile operation
  • Data management

Labor Shortages

Many industries have been experiencing a lack of interested workers. In November of 2021, the United States’ quit rate reached a 20-year high as part of the nation’s Great Resignation. Not having enough workers causes serious disruptions and delays within the supply chain and causes product costs and inflation to heighten.

Dependence on Offshoring and Outsourcing

The pandemic has had a disastrous effect on overseas outsourcing. Between health protocols and labor shortages, many international trade ports experienced serious delays and bottlenecks in the international supply chain. This congestion has created a domino effect of drawbacks, including inefficiencies and hidden costs.

Reliance on Just-In-Time Inventory

Just-in-time (JIT) inventory is a method that minimizes a business’s inventory levels. While many businesses across various industries utilize this practice, it has disadvantages. In times of crisis or higher demand, JIT inventory management can lead to serious product shortages.

How Global Supply Chain Issues Affect Electronics

Here are some of the key ways supply chain issues continue to impact the electronics industry:

Semiconductor Shortages

Supply chain holdups have resulted in a global shortage of semiconductor computer chips. These chips are integral components for many electronic devices ranging from medical equipment to smartphones.

lack of manufacturing equipment and raw materials further exacerbated the chip shortage, making it more challenging to get your hands on new electronics.

Price Increases

The global supply chain crisis continues to drive the price of electronics up due to issues with the following:

  • Material costs
  • Labor costs
  • Inventories
  • Backlogs

About 71% of electronics manufacturers anticipate raising their prices in 2022.


Supply chain woes have caused massive delays, especially in the electronics industry. As of January 2022, a shipping container spends 20% more time in the supply chain system than previous standards. Increases in consumer demand have worsened shipping delays and other bottlenecks within the industry.

Why Apple Devices Are a Better Pick for Your Business

Compared to many of its competitors, Apple’s supply chain is exceptional. While the rest of the industry struggled with the chip shortage, Apple exceeded sales expectations.

Apple’s superior supply chain operations are thanks to its inventory management and distribution channels. The brand utilizes materials from various suppliers and ships them to its assembly plant in China. Products are shipped to consumers directly from this plant rather than to various warehouses or dealers. Apple’s other distributors get their products from a central warehouse in Elk Grove, California. This model requires little inventory and encourages competition between suppliers, giving Apple an edge.

In addition to their impressive supply chain, Apple devices have so many benefits for your business, including:

Great User Experience

Great User Experience

Apple’s accessible interface is known for being easy to use and consistent across multiple devices. The continuity across devices also allows for great usability, meaning users that can navigate an iPad can navigate an iPhone with the same ease. Users can share content across multiple devices, including MacBooks and Apple Watches.

Apple’s simple design and popularity allow for faster onboarding. Plus, their devices’ gesture-based commands and touch screens are easy to learn.

Sophisticated Software and Operating Systems

In addition to having a simple interface, Apple equips its products with sophisticated software and operating systems. Automated software updates allow Apple devices to continuously do the following:

  • Fix bugs
  • Address security vulnerabilities
  • Improve performance
  • Introduce new features

Having the latest software ensures devices function optimally for your business. Security is a priority for corporations, and Apple software updates help to ensure the device’s data is safe.

Excellent Security and Privacy

Apple employs top-notch security features for its devices. Along with operating system updates, Apple uses the following tools to enhance security and privacy:

  • Authentication: Touch ID and Face ID help prevent unwanted access to Apple devices and their data.
  • App sandbox: This feature protects Apple devices against applications that gather or modify information from other applications.
  • Mobile device management programs: Apple allows users to enroll their devices in management programs. IT administrators can then carefully monitor activities and features on specific devices to enhance privacy and security.

Easy Deployment

Businesses can easily deploy Apple devices, thanks to the brand’s device enrollment program. This makes it possible for IT departments to manage each device’s access to:

  • Applications
  • Files
  • Accounts

This program increases privacy and allows for better device management. Because Apple makes deployment so simple, companies can reduce the time spent on IT support and focus their time and money on other critical business processes.

High-Quality Products and Features

Apple’s devices are high-end products made from quality materials and designed to be long-lasting for users. In addition to their durability, these devices also have impressive features such as state-of-the-art sensors and advanced camera technologies. Apple users can enjoy innovative design and functionality that other brands do not offer.

Manage Your Apple Devices With Orchard

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