There’s no denying that remote work is here to stay. For many organizations, that’s good news, as your company can save money on office space and tap into a wider talent pool when you switch to a distributed model.

One question remains — whether you should switch from a PC to Mac for remote work. As it turns out, the adoption of Apple products is likely to enhance your team’s efficiency and improve the remote work experience for all involved. Take a look at why Macs are better for remote work below.

Why Apple Devices Are Better for Remote Work

Compared to PCs, Apple devices offer several benefits for distributed workforces. If your team is spread out across the country or globe, unifying the systems and devices you use helps reduce strain on your organization and increase productivity. One survey found that 97% of respondents increased productivity when using a Mac, partially because people often rate Apple products as being more user-friendly than PCs.

In addition to improving productivity and being more user-friendly, you’ll note a few more reasons why employees using Apple devices is better for distributed work.

1. Simplified Management

If you have a mix of Apple and PC products or a mix of iOS and Android devices, management can get complicated. On the other hand, when every team member uses the same operating system, it’s much easier for your IT team to manage devices from a distance. The team doesn’t have to figure out what type of operating system an employee uses or switch between one platform and another.

Further, it’s simpler to train employees when everyone is on the same type of device. For example, you may need your team members to use specific software. If every employee is on a Mac, you know that their experience using the software will be the same as yours. If someone people are on PCs and others on Macs, the software might function or display differently.

Additionally, you can use Apple-specific platforms and tools, like Jamf, to reset passwords, update devices and wipe devices remotely.

2. Improved Organization

Unifying your company’s devices can lead to improved organization. When everyone is on the same type of device or desktop, you know everyone is using the same kinds of programs or files. Using Apple products lets you get on the same page with your remote team members.

For example, if you all use iCalendar, you can easily sync your schedules and find times for meetings that work for everyone. Employing Apple’s messaging tools makes it less likely that an important message will get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, the messaging systems between Android and Apple devices have trouble communicating, leading to missed or delayed messages.

When you’re all on the same type of platform, you don’t have to worry that one team member will send an unopenable file or your calendars won’t sync up. Working from the same platform increases efficiency and reduces unnecessary back and forth.

Integrated Mobile and Desktop Devices

3. Integrated Mobile and Desktop Devices

At least some of your distributed team members already use mobile Apple devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. That means they’re already familiar with Apple and how its products work, so they can adapt to using an iMac or Macbook for work.

Apple products also communicate well with each other, meaning it’s a snap for employees to use their iPhone or iPad with their work laptop or desktop. Some of the features found on Apple’s mobile devices, such as Siri, can easily be used for work. For instance, employees can ask Siri to schedule meetings, send messages to co-workers or set reminders.

4. Enhanced Security

You want to keep your company’s data safe and secure and protect the hardware your team uses. As a general rule, Apple products tend to be more secure than PCs.

There are a few reasons for that enhanced security. The first is that there are fewer Apple products out there. Since there are more PCs, more viruses and malware are designed to attack them. The design of Mac’s operating system also makes it more secure than that of a PC. MacOS is built on Unix, which is harder to crack than Windows.

Additionally, Apple has several security features that protect its devices and users. For example, any app that appears in the App Store is carefully reviewed for safety. The devices also have built-in antivirus software, which scans for malware and viruses. Regular operating systems updates include patches and improvements for ongoing security enhancements.

Apple products also provide password protection. If users store their passwords on a Mac or iPhone, they’ll receive notifications when there’s a suspected breach. Other security features include fingerprint scanning, which keeps unauthorized users from gaining access to your company’s devices, and “Find My,” which helps locate lost or stolen Apple products. If necessary, you can wipe stolen or misplaced devices remotely.

When everyone on your team uses the same system, you can also use outsourced security support. Orchard provides cybersecurity consulting to protect your devices and ensure they have the most up-to-date security features.

5. Better Performance

Apple’s focus on security also leads to better performance, particularly when compared to PCs. Mac devices are known for being fast and not crashing as much as other products. Improved performance on the part of the devices your team uses contributes to improved productivity.

Apple devices are often preferred by employees in creative fields, such as designers and video editors, due to the seamless balance between hardware and software. Many design and editing apps work smoothly on Apple devices. Some are often included with the computers or devices themselves, delivering improved performance for a better price.

Manage Your Apple Devices With Orchard

Manage Your Apple Devices With Orchard

Your distributed team needs secure, easy-to-use and efficient hardware and software. Apple products deliver that.

You’re also looking for modern Apple device management services that keep your systems secure and operational. Orchard delivers that.

Our team of IT professionals manages your fleet of devices while ensuring security and functionality. To learn more, contact us for a quote today.